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Madras Filter Coffee

About us

MADRAS FILTER COFFEE is established as leading coffee brand through out South India. Coffee is undeniably the most consumed beverage by all of us, including half a billion other Indians. Coffee time is known for its unique blends of Coffee and consistent quality at an affordable price, all of which are valued the most by our customers and investors.


History of Coffee

Indian coffee has 400 years of history. It started during the 1600 hundreds at the helm of the Mughal dynasty. Legend has it that a Sufi saint named Baba Budan taped 7 coffee beans to his chest (since the Arabs were protective of their coffee) on his way back from Mocha (modern day Mecca) to India. His discovery and love of Qahwah (coffee) on his pilgrimage spurred him to plant the roots of coffee cultivation in the hills of South India. In the years to come, the coffee industry developed in regards to flavour and infrastructure through British and Dutch colonial influence. After Indian independence, the coffee culture stayed strong to its roots and grew in the hands of local farmers. We are proud to be part of a generation that enjoys one of the finest post-colonial, democratic Indian coffee with a rich history and flavour. Coffee by the people, for the people. It is this legacy that the MADRAS FILTER COFFEE team strives to represent.

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Madras Filter Coffee